Questions You Need To Ask Before Renting A Vehicle

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Calling around and comparing rates leads you to believe that you are getting the very best deal but in essence the prices you are being quoted are just the company's base rate for the vehicle and in no way reflect how much you are going to wind up paying. There are a lot of extras that you may incur when renting a car and in order to prepare yourself for these you will need to ask the tough questions of your care rental company.

1. How much will be charged in surcharges and taxes per day? This is an important question to ask and each company and location will probably charge at a different rate. It is important to realize that the base rate that you are being quoted does not include this extra amount and if you are renting from an airport there will probably be an additional fee tacked on.

2. How many miles are included with my rental? Rental car companies tend not to mention this figure but it has a lot to do with the amount that you will wind up paying. Most companies will offer you a set number of miles per day, per week, or per trip depending on the distance you are traveling. An important thing to realize is that they usually offer you less miles per week then they would over a 7 day period. This is one thing that trips a lot of people up when they rent per week they assume that they receive 7 days worth of miles which is not necessarily the case. Each mile that you go over will be charged at a certain rate and you should also find out in advance how much extra per mile you will be paying although it is best to find a rental agreement that covers all the miles you will be driving in the base rate.

3. What happens if you change the pick up or drop off, how does this affect the price? Many times if you have some flexibility, you can get a better rate. Changing the charter of a day here and there could result in big savings. Even sometimes taking a rental vehicle for one more day could save money.

4. There are special offers available? Many people are reluctant to ask this question but one that can add up to big savings. Some companies will not tell you of special offers unless you ask and may also be able to direct you to a coupon or a coupon code to help you save.

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Questions You Need To Ask Before Renting A Vehicle

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This article was published on 2010/11/01