Problems You May Encounter When Renting A Vehicle

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Anyone looking to rent a vehicle should find the process fairly simple and pretty easy. This would include taking the necessary steps to reserve the vehicle, pick it up and return it to a predetermined lot after the contracted time is up. When everything is going as planned it is a very smooth and pleasant experience. However, this can all change at the drop of a hat, and a smooth pleasant experience can become a nightmare. While it is true that every rental company wants you to enjoy the rental experience so you will keep them in mind when you decide to rent again, some renters will encounter problems.

If you happen to arrive at the rental office and find that your reserve vehicle is not available, don't panic. This could easily play to your advantage. The rental company will usually find you a better rental at the same or reduced rates or if necessary find very acceptable alternate solutions to this unfortunate problem. The rental company will accept responsibility for the confusion and have you on your way in a very timely manner so you won't be running late.

One important issue that should never be overlooked or taken for granted, is the vehicle condition. Always inspect the vehicle yourself before you sign on the dotted line and before you return the vehicle. Rental companies usually do this themselves, but for your own protection, you should always do a pre and post rental vehicle inspection. The inspection should be both inside and outside, checking for cleanliness and damage. Any damages should be photographed with a date and time stamp, such as is attached to cell phone pictures or video footage. This will clear up any future confusion.

If you should return your rental to a unattended lot, be prepared for possible additional charges and fees at a later date. This is why it is very important, if possible, to always return the vehicle to a lot where someone can inspect the vehicle on the spot, as well as give you a complete total amount of what you owe and allow you to leave with receipts and documents relieving you of any further responsibilities regarding the rental vehicle.

All of the conditions regarding your rental will be outlined within your rental agreement so it is very important that you make sure to read through each and every line of this legal document. This will not only help you to understand your obligations to the rental agency but theirs to you as well. Understanding your rights and responsibilities in advance will help you to have a better overall rental experience.

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Problems You May Encounter When Renting A Vehicle

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This article was published on 2011/01/03